H Acupuncture & Herbs


Welcome to the H Acupuncture & Herbal clinic

H Acupuncture & Herbal clinic is one of the foremost providers of integrative medicine and acupuncture in YOLO County, CA. H Acupuncture & Herbal clinic was founded with the vision of delivering an unparalleled patient experience to those suffering from spinal injuries, orthopedic/pain issues, digestion, excretion, insomnia and various other health conditions including Women's Health. We apply both established and innovative solutions to diagnose and treat patients in a one-stop, multi-disciplinary setting. With a wide range of options, we offer continuity of care with more efficiency and less stress for the patient. 

H Acupuncture & Herbal clinic is committed to providing the highest quality, personalized diagnosis and treatment to patients. We have developed a highly integrative approach that customizes care across disciplines while embracing minimally and non-invasive acupuncture techniques. 

As an integrated acupuncture practice, it is our mission to:

-        Embrace the Individual Needs of Our Patients

-        Provide Coordinated Care for Diagnosis and Treatment with an Integrative Perspective

-        Enable Patients to Make Informed Decisions about Their Treatment Plan and Lifelong Wellness